# Basilisk Monthly Meeting Planned to occur the first Wednesday of every month. Zoom links are sent on the [forum](http://groups.google.com/d/forum/basilisk-fr) shortly before each meeting. The meetings are 1 hour long, split into two 15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes questions/discussion. * Next meeting: TBA (**Please volunteer if you want to take over the organisation of the BMM!**) * Wednesday 3rd May 2023
![Chunheng Zhao *General wetting energy boundary condition in a fully explicit non-ideal fluids solver*](3-may-23-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Zied Amama. *Introducing culverts on 2D SWE model and assessment of flood forecasting improvements*](3-may-23-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Wednesday 22nd March 2023
![Kaitao (David) Tang. *Numerical Investigation of Droplet Bag Breakup*](22-mar-23-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Zihao Cheng. *An octree-grid adaptive immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method for hydrodynamic force and torque modelling in polydisperse suspensions*](22-mar-23-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Wednesday 14th December 2022
![Damien Huet. *An adaptive front-tracking solver for immersed elastic capsules*](14-december-22-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Ahmed Basil Kottingal. *A Scalale Adaptive Front Tracking Method for Simulation of Multiphase Flows*](14-december-22-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 1st February 2022
![Corine Kieffer-Roth. *Atomization of a liquid jet in crossflow with the coupled Basilisk DNS and Lagrangian method*](1-february-22-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Shyam Sunder Yadav. *3D Electrohydrodynamics and viscoelasticity*](1-february-22-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 7th December 2021
![Alice Jaccod. *Predator-prey plankton dynamics in turbulent flow past an obstacle*](7-december-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Evgenii Sharaborin. *The coupled Volume of Fluid and Brinkman penalization methods for simulation of incompressible multiphase flows*](7-december-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 5th October 2021
![Leonardo Chirco. *The signature method for detecting thin structures and its application*](5-october-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Stanley Ling. *Oscillation of sessile drops on a planar surface: effects of Bond number, contact line mobility, and surface orientation*](5-october-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 7th September 2021
![Palas Kumar Farsoiya. *Bubble-mediated transfer of dilute gas in turbulence*](7-september-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Yash Kulkarni and Raphaël Villiers. *Atomisation of a pulsed liquid jet*](7-september-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 6th July 2021
![Paul-Peter Naanouh. *Emulsions, non-coalescence and trajectory reconstruction*](6-july-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Shyam Sunder Yadav. *Dynamics of Bubbles and Droplets Under Externally Applied Electric Fields*](6-july-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 1st June 2021
![Lily Battershill. *Tsunami waves generated by pyroclastic flows: modelling laboratory experiments using Basilisk's Navier--Stokes solver*](1-june-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Jacob Maarek. *Numerical methods for three-phase mass transfer and a test case applied to metallurgical Processes*](1-june-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 4th May 2021
![Arthur Ghigo. *Embedded boundary method for moving rigid boundaries in incompressible flows*](4-may-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Wouter Mostert. *Statistics of energetics, bubbles and droplets in breaking waves*](4-may-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 6th April 2021
![Antoon van Hooft. *The particle functionalities in my sandbox*](6-april-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Youssef Saade. *Thermal effects in the all-Mach solver*](6-april-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
* Tuesday 2nd March 2021
![Stéphane Popinet. *Basilisk View demonstration*](2-march-21-1.mp4)(width="100%" link) ![Alexandre Limare. *Melting and crystal growth*](2-march-21-2.mp4)(width="100%" link)
These videos were generated from the zoom recordings using something like ~~~bash ffmpeg -i zoom_0.mp4 -ss 00:04:45 -to 00:35:12 -crf 28 -movflags +faststart 4-may-21-1.mp4 ~~~ where `00:04:45` and `00:35:12` are the start and end times respectively.