Modification of Basilisk View Test

    Note that this is not “really” a bug. The offset is there so that the lines are visible “on top” of squares or other surfaces. This could be improved by making this offset a function of the zoom level.

    #include "grid/octree.h"
    #include "fractions.h"
    #include "view.h"
    #define L 100.
    #define R 1.
    int main() {

    We define a volume fraction field much smaller than the domain size.

      size (L); 
      init_grid (32);
      origin (-L/2.,-L/2.,-L/2.);  
      refine (sq(x) + sq(y) + sq(z) - sq(R*4.) < 0 && level < 8); 
      refine (sq(x) + sq(y) + sq(z) - sq(R*1.1) < 0 && level < 10);

    Refine locally around the sphere.

      scalar f[];
      fraction (f, sq(x) + sq(y) + sq(z) - sq(R));

    Then display it using Basilisk view functions. Lines from the cells visualization option appear to intersect the VOF interface at a different plane than the Level squares visualization, despite both being at z=0.

    Misalignment between grid and interface

    Misalignment between grid and interface

      view (fov = 0.74, quat = {0,-0.48,0,0.88}, tx = 0, ty = 0, width = 800, height = 800, samples = 1);
      save ("out.png");