This is solved, see below.

    Thanks for this great product. I’m new here, but I’m already finding it very useful.

    I encontered a problem when trying to use the python integration.

    The steps to reproduce are the following
    cd basilisk/src/

    The same happens when manually creating stream.c elsewhere.

    The error is the following
    $ make
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/Makefile.defs:8: Makefile.tests: No such file or directory
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/Makefile.defs:180: Makefile.deps: No such file or directory
    sh /home/dd22/basilisk/src/
    updating Makefile.tests
    updating Makefile.deps
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o atomisation.s.d atomisation.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o brusselator.s.d brusselator.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o bubble.s.d bubble.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o distance.s.d distance.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o ginzburg-landau.s.d ginzburg-landau.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o hele-shaw.s.d hele-shaw.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o inversion.s.d inversion.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o isotropic.s.d isotropic.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o karman.s.d karman.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o life.s.d life.c
    ln -s madsen.c madsen-sv.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o madsen-sv.s.d madsen-sv.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o madsen.s.d madsen.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o shoal.s.d shoal.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o sphere.s.d sphere.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o stream.s.d stream.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o swasi.s.d swasi.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o tangaroa.s.d tangaroa.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o tides.s.d tides.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o tsunami.s.d tsunami.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -o turbulence.s.d turbulence.c
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -MD -tags
    updating Makefile.deps
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/qcc -O2 -fopenmp -g -Wall -pipe -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -python -c -fpic -I/usr/include/python2.7 stream.c
    qcc: warning: OpenMP cannot be used with Python (yet): switching it off
    stream-cpp.c:1:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    /home/dd22/basilisk/src/Makefile.defs:140: recipe for target 'stream.i' failed
    make: *** [stream.i] Error 1
    make: *** Deleting file 'stream.i'
    My environment variables are

    This is a docker container, but I don’t think the problem is related with docker.

    I did the installation using wget, on 2018-oct-10. By the way, how can I get a specific tag of the code using wget?


    If I copy this file to my local directory, the error is different.
    swig -I/home/dd22/basilisk/src -python  stream.i
    No module name specified using %module or -module.


    I didn’t say before, the OS is debian/stretch. I solved this problem with
    apt-get install libpython2.7-dev python-numpy python-matplotlib
    Moreover, since the is no display in my container, it was also necessary to
    export MPLBACKEND=Agg

    and to add plt.savefig(“{}.png”.format(i)) to the graph function.