Box-boundary values are not set consistently

    Here the quadtree version is demonstrated. The bottom-left ghost cell has a value of s = 5, However, on a multigrid (or Cartesian grid) it becomes s = 1. I wish it was 3?

    set xr [-0.3:0.6]
    set yr [-0.3:0.6]
    set size square
    set key off
    plot 'log' w l lw 2, 'out' u 1:2:3 w labels
    Values and their locations (script)

    Values and their locations (script)

    //#include "grid/multigrid.h" // <- uncomment for MG
    scalar s[];
    s[left]   = dirichlet (2.);
    s[bottom] = dirichlet (2.);
    int main() {
      init_grid (4);
        s[] = 1.;
      boundary ({s});
      output_cells (stderr);
      foreach() {
          printf ("%g %g %g\n", x, y, s[]);
        return 0;