Basilisk Monthly Meeting

    Planned to occur the first Wednesday of every month. Zoom links are sent on the forum shortly before each meeting. The meetings are 1 hour long, split into two 15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes questions/discussion.

    • Monday 24th June 2024, 4pm CET

      Mandeep Saini. Implementation of integral surface tension formulation for volume of fluid method

      Antoine Hajczak. Preliminary flow simulations using Basilisk to study the aeroacoustics of flute-like musical instruments

    • Tuesday 21st May 2024

      Kevin McTaggart. Ship forces at steady speed

      Shyam Sunder Yadav. Phase field method based simulation of three phase flows with phase change

    • Wednesday 3rd May 2023

      Chunheng Zhao. General wetting energy boundary condition in a fully explicit non-ideal fluids solver

      Zied Amama. Introducing culverts on 2D SWE model and assessment of flood forecasting improvements

    • Wednesday 22nd March 2023

      Kaitao (David) Tang. Numerical Investigation of Droplet Bag Breakup

      Zihao Cheng. An octree-grid adaptive immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method for hydrodynamic force and torque modelling in polydisperse suspensions

    • Wednesday 14th December 2022

    Damien Huet. An adaptive front-tracking solver for immersed elastic capsules

    Ahmed Basil Kottingal. A Scalale Adaptive Front Tracking Method for Simulation of Multiphase Flows

    • Tuesday 1st February 2022

    Corine Kieffer-Roth. Atomization of a liquid jet in crossflow with the coupled Basilisk DNS and Lagrangian method

    Shyam Sunder Yadav. 3D Electrohydrodynamics and viscoelasticity

    • Tuesday 7th December 2021

    Alice Jaccod. Predator-prey plankton dynamics in turbulent flow past an obstacle

    Evgenii Sharaborin. The coupled Volume of Fluid and Brinkman penalization methods for simulation of incompressible multiphase flows

    • Tuesday 5th October 2021

    Leonardo Chirco. The signature method for detecting thin structures and its application

    Stanley Ling. Oscillation of sessile drops on a planar surface: effects of Bond number, contact line mobility, and surface orientation

    • Tuesday 7th September 2021

    Palas Kumar Farsoiya. Bubble-mediated transfer of dilute gas in turbulence

    Yash Kulkarni and Raphaël Villiers. Atomisation of a pulsed liquid jet

    • Tuesday 6th July 2021

    Paul-Peter Naanouh. Emulsions, non-coalescence and trajectory reconstruction

    Shyam Sunder Yadav. Dynamics of Bubbles and Droplets Under Externally Applied Electric Fields

    • Tuesday 1st June 2021

    Lily Battershill. Tsunami waves generated by pyroclastic flows: modelling laboratory experiments using Basilisk’s Navier–Stokes solver

    Jacob Maarek. Numerical methods for three-phase mass transfer and a test case applied to metallurgical Processes

    • Tuesday 4th May 2021

    Arthur Ghigo. Embedded boundary method for moving rigid boundaries in incompressible flows

    Wouter Mostert. Statistics of energetics, bubbles and droplets in breaking waves

    • Tuesday 6th April 2021

    Antoon van Hooft. The particle functionalities in my sandbox

    Youssef Saade. Thermal effects in the all-Mach solver

    • Tuesday 2nd March 2021

    Stéphane Popinet. Basilisk View demonstration

    Alexandre Limare. Melting and crystal growth

    These videos were generated from the zoom recordings using something like

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